How to Use a Hair Straightener Like a Pro

Most women will know how to use a hair straightener, it’s pretty simple but not all of us know how to straighten like a pro or how to curl with hair straighteners. Here’s a guide on how you can straighten and curl your hair with them.

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Blow Dry Your Hair

1. Clean And Blow Dry Your Hair

By washing your hair, it helps to get rid of any grime and dirt hidden in your hair and leaves it soft and smooth afterwards. To ensure your hair stays straight after the wash, use shampoos and conditioners that helps to keep hair sleek and smooth.

Once washed, thoroughly dry your hair with a decent hair dryer. Leaving it to air dry can take a long time and you’ll always be left with some wet strands especially if you have long thick hair. You don’t want your hair to be damp.

The best thing to do is to blow dry your hair which will also help to reduce the damage to your hair when you use your flat iron since it’s already hot from the hair dryer. When you blow dry your hair, make sure you:

  • Point the hair dryer downwards from root to tip so your hair dries straight.
  • Use a flat paddle brush to keep the ends straight.


2. Protecting Your Hair

Before you begin to use your flat iron, you need to protect your hair. Different hair types will require different heat temperatures so having a flat iron that have adjustable temperature controls is the best way to keep your hair from damage or worse – burning.

Some of the best hair straighteners have temperatures ranging from 165 to 240 degree celsius. These temperature settings should be followed for your hair type:

  • Fine or colour dyed hair – between 165 – 175 degree celsius.
  • Normal hair – no higher than 195 degree celsius.
  • Thick or curly/frizzy hair – up to a maximum of 210 degree celsius.

At this point, you should turn your straighteners on to give it time to heat up. In addition, to further protect your hair, you should use a heat protecting spray all over your hair before you start straightening.


Frizzy Hair

3. For Extra Frizzy Hair

Using a comb whilst straightening your hair at the same time will ensure extra smoothness for anyone who has hair that’s really hard to get straight. Use a comb which has thin teeth that are placed very close together.

Simply place the comb below the straightener when it’s on your hair and pull both items down together. Your hair will detangle and be pulled as straight as possible with the comb whilst the straightener irons your hair out.


4. Iron In Sections, Not Clumps

By separating your hair into sections, you’ll be able to ensure each strand is ironed down flat so you get every kink. This is the key to getting poker straight hair so divide and clip your hair up into 3 layers:

  • Top Layer – the hair that’s on the crown.
  • Middle Layer – the rest of your hair that’s sitting above your ears.
  • Bottom Layer – hair that’s on the back of your head down to the nape of your neck.

Whatever you do, don’t tie the layers with a hairband otherwise it will create a kink. Just twist your hair back on itself once and use alligator clips or hair claws to hold each section up. You don’t need to clip the bottom layer up.


5. How To Use Your Hair Straightener

When you straighten your hair, start with the bottom layer but in small sections no more than 2 inches thick. Grabbing a large chunk won’t allow the heat to penetrate through to each strand but don’t do it too thin either as there will be too much heat with too little hair.

Now you’re ready to straighten:

  • Take the section of your hair and place it between the heated plates of your hair straighteners.
  • Clamp your iron down near to the root of your sectioned hair with a gentle but firm grip and pull the iron downwards until you go past the tip of your hair. The motion should be smooth with no pull on your hair.
  • Repeat all around. When you go onto the middle layer, take down small sections of your hair at a time to straighten. If you let the whole layer down, it may be hard to separate into smaller sections as you’ve already got one layer down.

If your hair is not straightening with the heat you’ve set your straightener on, then increase it a little but don’t keep going over the same strand as it will just damage your hair further. It’s normal to see steam rising from your hair during this process. But not smoke.


Curls Hairstyles

6. Creating Curls

Using a hair straightener to create curls is actually easier than using a curling tong since you’re less likely to burn your fingers so you can use your other hand to guide your hair. It’s simple to curl your hair with a flat iron:

  • Divide your hair into 4 manageable sections and clip up.
  • Beginning with the bottom sections, take a section that’s the same size as the iron and clamp the iron around your hair.
  • Twist the iron in towards your head until your hair is completely wrapped around it. Let go by pulling the iron vertically downwards so your hair unwraps around it. You should have a beautiful vertical curl.


7. Creating Volume

You’ve probably seen how some women have poker straight hair which looks great…but their hair is flat. So coming onto the top layer, this is where things should puff up a bit.

You should continue to straighten in sections but instead of straightening downwards, pull your hair up above you towards the ceiling and straighten upwards till you pass the ends of your hair. There’s no need to get as close to the roots during this.


8. Maintaining Your Sleek Do

Giving your hair another blow dry on a cooler temperature will help your straightened hair to set. After, it’s a good idea to use a hair product that specialises in keeping hair straight. Usually anti-frizz serums work best and is particularly ideal for anyone that has naturally curly or frizzy hair. Don’t bother with keratin products, they don’t straighten hair, only smooths the texture of it.


Waves Hairstyles

9. Making Waves

Get a rich textured beach wave hairstyle with your straighteners. Here’s how:

  • Clamp the iron down on a section of your hair near the roots and curl the iron inwards towards your head. Hold for a few seconds and a kink should have formed.
  • Move the straightener down just past this kink and clamp down. This time, curl the iron outwards away from your head. Let go after a few seconds and another kink should be there. It’s now beginning to look like a wave right?
  • Repeat down the remaining section and carry on through your whole head.


10. Flicking Your Hair

You can create flicks in your hair with the straighteners simply by twisting the iron outwards or inwards depending on how you want the flick to be.

So now you know how to use a hair straightener, you probably look like you just been to the hairdressers and not had to pay for it. It should be a good hair day everyday now. Just make sure you have the best hair straighteners that suits your hair needs which will also reduce the amount of damage done to your hair.